Accumulate Experience by Reading Books – Chapter 6


At school all the classes were over, and it was time for lunch.


“Let’s go and eat”


Kim Young-Woo who was asleep till now woke up immediately and rushed out.


“Hold up”


Kim Young-Woo looked at the thing that Lee Jong-suk took out from his bag, they were the same things which he packed in the morning.


“One looks like red pepper powder, what are the other things?”


“It’s salt, sugar, and pepper too.”


“Why did you bring those things?”


“Recently the cafeteria food hasn’t been tasty”


“So? I’m just eating it.”


“Even I could eat it before two days.”


For the purpose of taste Lee Jong-suk put the cover in his pocket and tapped the shoulders of Kim Young-Woo.


“Let’s go”


When Lee Jong-suk went into the school cafeteria a long line was already there.


“Ehh! It’s like a market….. we are late because of you”


At Kim Young-Woo’s words Lee Jong-suk looked at the long line once again.


“It’ll nearly take twenty minutes”


“I would rather come up here after twenty minutes and line up. For this reason…. in lunch I would stand in the line and be done with eating.”


Lee Jong-suk nodded his head at Kim Young-Woo’s words and looked the at fitness place beside the school cafeteria.


These were the two people who had the same way of thinking and were in the same school, at

that moment Lee Jong-suk saw three students playing in the sunlight near the fitness centre.


While looking at them Lee Jong-suk eyes caught a baseball on one side of the ground.


“It’s a baseball”


Kim Young-Woo immediately found the ball and bought the ball back.


“Let’s play for twenty minutes, come on”


“There are no gloves, what ball game are we supposed to play. If we catch it with our bare hands it will definitely hurt.”


“Who will throw it hard? Of course I’ll throw it lightly.”


After saying that Kim Young-Woo threw the ball lightly.


Lee Jong-suk caught the ball that came flying towards him and thought that he still had a lot to do and threw the ball lightly.


Thuk! Thuk!


Kim Young-Woo caught the lightly thrown ball and threw the ball back without any interest.


“Girls not playing with the ball, isn’t fun”


Lee Jong-suk who caught the ball nodded in agreement. Catching the ball and throwing it back lightly, he thought about what kind of thing he was doing.


Lee Jong-suk hands threw the ball up and caught it.


“Kun-gong huh….”


Kun-gong is a practice with the ball. And Lee Jong-suk remembered it very clearly and vividly….. but he hasn’t done it by himself…..


Lee Jong-suk held ball in his hands and looked over at the school cafeteria. And looked like the line will not go down for the time being.


“Let’s see Kun-gong”


With that thought Lee Jong-suk dusted the ball and threw it high.


When the ball he threw was roaring high, Lee Jong-suk slightly spread both his hands and bent his knees a little.


Though it was his first time doing it he didn’t feel weird.


‘Is this the writer’s experience?’


Though he has never experienced it, the experience that he received from the book seemed somewhat familiar.


And also….




Lightly the ball fell down in front of him.




When the ball fell down after rising up till his waist, Lee Jong-suk heard his knee.




The ball that touched the knee softly went down the leg in a straight pattern and touched the foot.


Hvek! Hvek!


The ball started to rotate and move from one hand to another on Lee Jong-suk body gently.


‘Body is gentle. As if I’m an octopus or squid.’


The ball that was moving on the body of Lee Jong-suk because of Kun-gong didn’t move in straight line.


The body received the ball softly and the ball moved gently on the curves of the body.


As if there was no bony part in his body, like his body was in the form of a mollusk… Lee Jong-suk ball was rotating his body.


Slirk! Slirk!


When the ball was moving around his whole body a huge smile appeared on the face of Lee Jong-suk.


‘My body is reacting as per the mind. This…… is awesome.’


The ball revolving around, Lee Jong-suk liked it. And the thing that his body was able to move according to his mind made Lee Jong-suk feel much better.


And to the body that was able to move freely till any extent because of the kun-gong brought a good feeling.


The time he was absent mindedly thinking about kun-gong was stopped by Kim Young-Woo’s shout.


“Yah! The line is starting to decrease.”


On the shout of Kim Young-Woo who was going towards the direction of the school cafeteria Lee Jong-suk caught the ball.


Chak! Chak!


Until he squeezed his hands the ball was rotating quickly on his palm, seeing this Lee Jong-suk immediately caught the ball.




The ball that was rotating fast stopped as it is after he caught it with his fist. Lee Jong-suk looked at the ball in the hand that was previously spinning very quickly in palm. He put the ball back in its original place and then followed Kim Young-Woo.


Though kun-gong is very interesting, now I need to eat lunch.


Lee Jong-suk who was quickly following Kim Young-Woo from behind, as soon as they went into the school cafeteria Lee Jong-suk appetite rose.


There wasn’t line till the outside of cafeteria but the line was still there in the cafeteria.


“The teachers get to eat comfortably in a separate place. Isn’t this discrimination towards the students of this school who tend to be important?”


Behind the school cafeteria is the teaching staffs cafeteria located separately. Hence the teachers don’t need to wait in line, they get to eat comfortably.


Lee Jong-suk who has lined up after Kim Young-Woo said the following at his grumbling.


“Then shall I become a teacher?”

“What are you saying? If that does happen then teachers will swear and vomit. This is the era of discrimination.”


“Its noisy go and have lunch. This food stuff”


Lee Jong-suk showed his student identification card at the counter and served food into his plate.


‘Today’s menu is meat rice, seaweed, beverage and kimchi soup.’


This is the menu that I usually like. Even though the quantity of meat rice is a little less it is still edible.


However… the taste has absolutely changed…


‘This isn’t good. To eat this rice I didn’t realize there was a need to stay in line.’


He never thought that to eat this tasteless food he would have to stand in this painful line.


“Yah there is a seat there.”


As Kim Young-Woo was walking over Lee Jong-suk also without realizing started following him.


‘This idiot has even picked the seat’


The seat that Kim Young-Woo picked was completely surrounded with girl sitting on all its side.


To Lee Jong-suk who stopped, Kim Young-Woo said this without looking at him.


“Come here”


At these words of Kim Young-Woo all the girls who were eating looked at the direction. At this Lee Jong-suk left a small sigh and went over to Kim Young-Woo and placed the plate next to his.


‘This rascal hasn’t reached puberty yet?’


Though this is a co-education boys and girls rarely contact or talk with each other.


Because of that for Lee Jong-suk girls are still a fantasy. Like the tough levels to get seven awakening card feel that we get in a game in the mobile phone?


The card is there but it is very hard to get that card in the same manner girl friends are also like dragons fantasy, are there creatures like that?


Even then this guy Kim Young-Woo had no hesitation. Kim Young-Woo is a guy who might fight with a girl or catch the hair of a girl or might not even know if they were fighting with each other.


Though it was a little awkward Lee Jong-suk rolled up his sleeves while only looking at his plate.


‘Let’s finish it quickly and leave.’


Lee Jong-suk took out the packet from his pocket and had a bite of his food.


‘Definitely me’


In his mouth something didn’t feel right so Lee Jong-suk took out the bag and put some salt in his palm rubbed it.


Sik! Sik!


After feeling that the salt between his palm is ready, Lee Jong-suk added it a little into the kimchi soup.


“Why are you grinding the salt? If you do that it will melt.”


“If we do it like this then the salt will mix well if not it will stay whever we put it and will taste uneven.”


And he added some red pepper powder too.


‘It will be fine even if I don’t add sugar.’


He thought that the sweetness in it will be alright and took a bit… even then it was edible.


“Just eat. It is different”


Kim Young-Woo who was sitting beside saw this and took a small piece of meat with his chopsticks and ate it.


“Oh! What is this? Why is this so tasty?”


At these words of Kim Young-Woo Lee Jong-suk left a small sigh. At the fuss that Kim Young-Woo was making the sight of all the girls could be felt on their table.


“Just eat”


“Yah! Do it for me too.”


After Kim Young-Woo said it, Lee Jong-suk gave him his plate and took his plate and did the same thing all over again.


“Oh! By adding this salt the taste can change this much?”


“Red pepper powder was added too.”


“Even though, how is it done?”


Lee Jong-suk just wanted his to shut up and eat his lunch. However he kept nagging so Lee Jong-suk until he gave an answer, hence Lee Jong-suk responded.


“If any food doesn’t taste good it means that in the five flavours saltiness, sweetness, sourness, bitterness and spiciness balance went wrong. That is why I added salt and red pepper powder because this dish lacked them.”


“By adding those two only the dish became this tasty?”


“Isn’t there a difference between the water in your cup that is overflowing and one that isn’t?”


“Isn’t there a lot of difference between one that is overflowing and the one that isn’t?”


“One drop of water”


“One drop?”


“If there isn’t one additional drop then the water won’t have the possibility to overflow and will have a balance. What I did is same as the one drop….”


While talking Lee Jong-suk eyes looked at Kim Young-Woo and noticed that he was busy eating his meat.


For a long time he hadn’t been listening to the words.


‘Don’t forget to chew you idiot…..’


Thought to himself, Lee Jong-suk felt envious at Kim Young-Woo who was eating his food from his plate like a pig and left a huge sigh.


Not by eating but only be chewing the taste can be felt.


‘This is tasty? Ha! The dish does seem to speak for itself.’


He felt joyful after eating it…. It does not taste like the one from a famous restaurant but this feeling is going to be hard to adjust to.


Lee Jong-suk who was having meat looked at KimYoung-Woo who was half way in his plate eating the side dish and did the same.


And the girl student who was sitting in front of them slowly asked them


“Hey can I take one bite of yours too?”


At the words of the female student Lee Jong-suk looked at the girl and his hands started to shake. The girl and those around her were looking at Lee Jong-suk and Kim Young-Woo alternatively with a lot of curiosity in their eyes.


Kim Young-Woo to satisfy their curiosity slowly said.




Lee Jong-suk who always talked to other in a formal way suddenly changed to informal and




At these words of Lee Jong-suk the female student used her chopsticks and took one piece of meat and put it in her mouth.


“Hmmm… Delicious”

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